Safety 1st Easy Install Gate Review

Safety 1st Easy Install Gate Review
Safety 1st Easy Install Metal Baby Gate



Customizable width, Easy to set up, One hand release handles


Not closing on its own


Now that baby is on the move, the Easy Install Walk-Through Gate makes it simple to create child friendly areas within your home

Our Rating


If you’ve ever tried to operate a baby gate before and found they were a little too tricky to open, you’re not alone. Although these gates were made to keep our kids and babies from getting into spots that we don’t want them they can also be hard for the parents to open, taking away some of their efficiency.

Safety 1st is a huge name in baby products and they’ve designed their Easy Install Gate to solve this problem. We’re here to check out the best and worst features it has to offer and whether the Safety 1st option is one of the better ones.

About The Product

Safety 1st Easy Install Metal Baby Gate

Safety 1st is such a big brand for family and baby care that you probably have at least one of their products already around the home. They offer a huge selection of baby gates and their Easy Install Gate is designed to do exactly as the name suggests.

You’ll be able to set up this gate without any tools and once it’s done, that will be it. It operates with just one handy so there’s no fumbling and it truly is as easy as they promised when they name it. Other notable features of this gate include:

  • SecureTech Indicator shows when it’s locked;
  • 180-degree opening swings both ways;
  • 28” high and adjusts for doorways 29”-38” wide;
  • Pressure mounted for easy installation;

What Others Say

The biggest benefit of this gate is how easy it was to use and install. People loved that you could operate it with just one hand and didn’t have to struggle just to get it opened. As far as efficiency is concerned, this is the top pick.

One issue that reviewers had with this gate was the fact that it didn’t close on its own. Some come with an automatic function so it shuts behind you, but not the Safety 1st Easy Install Gate. This could be a deciding factor depending on your needs, so keep it in your considerations.

Buying Advice

Safety 1st Easy Install Metal Baby Gate  Handles

To get your Safety 1st Easy Install Gate you can shop online with Amazon and take advantage of their free shipping on the order. Their current price for the Safety 1st gate is around $45 so it’s pretty on par with others on the market. You’ll get all of the parts you need including extensions and it can be put together in minutes.

The Verdict

When you want an easy gate to install and an even easier one to open, the Safety 1st Easy Install Gate is the way to go. It will do a good job of keeping out your baby and kids but not prevent you from moving as you please, so grab yourself the Safety 1st Easy Install Gate today by clicking on the button below.