Best Baby Play Fence

Best Baby Play Fence

Best Baby Play Fence

When babies start to crawl or walk, it’s vital that parents ensure that they are kept safe by installing baby fences and gates. With a baby play fence, your little one can be kept safe and they can play in their own little area. 

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For parents looking to buy a baby play fence for their little one, there are a whole bunch of great options out there. The question is, what fence is going to be the best choice for you and your family? We’re here to help you to make that decision.

Read on for more information about the best baby play fences, in addition to a handy buyer’s guide to help you to narrow down your decision.

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Best Baby Play Fence – Comparison Table

Best Baby Play Fence – Reviews

Our Pick

Ashtonbee - Kids Play Pen Activity Center, Indoor and Outdoor Baby Playpen with Multicolor Fences, 16-Panel Foldable Infant Play Yard, Easy to Assemble Big Playpen for Toddlers and Babies

Our rating:

If you want your little one to have plenty of space to play, then you are going to love the Ashtonbee Playpen Activity Center. This play fence features 16 different panels and also comes with a functioning door, but if you do want to create a smaller fence then this is also an option as you are able to remove some of the panels as needed.

The fence comes with a vibrant design and a bunch of different exciting shapes on every panel. This is sure to keep your little one occupied for many hours. As the fence has been made out of such high quality materials, you can be sure that it will last a long time.

When you aren’t using the activity center, you also don’t need to be concerned as it’s easy to assemble. All you need to do is snap the different panels together into one another and then store them on top of each other.

This playpen is certainly large enough to suit two or more different children at once which is ideal if you have two toddlers that you want to keep contained while you are getting along with other things. The panels are all around 2 feet tall, so it’s ideal for smaller children.

  • Easy assembly
  • Compact when folded down
  • Fun design
  • The panels are not tall enough to make sure that pets cannot get ins

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard, 4-In-1, Bonus Kit, 4 Count (Pack of 1

Our rating:

If you are looking for a versatile play fence, then the Regalo Adjustable and Afficable Baby Fence may be just what you need. You can use this fence in a number of ways – from an 8 panel playard to cornering off one certain area of the house on a semi permanent basis.

The fence is 192 inches long when it’s fully extended, and when you use it as a complete playpen you will get a whopping 19 square feet of space! Not only that, but if you are stuck for space you can even attach another set onto it to make it even bigger.

In addition to this, the fence is 28 inches tall, and they can also be detached if you need less space. It’s very simple to transport it as it folds into itself easily. It’s incredibly durable, and you can open it with one hand which is ideal for when you want to put your baby inside but you only have one arm.

  • Durable
  • Ideal for large spaces
  • Versatile
  • Some children may be able to shake the gate open if they are particularly determined

Regalo My Play Deluxe Extra Large Portable Play Yard Indoor and Outdoor, Bonus Kit, Washable, Teal, 8-Panel

Our rating:

Do you enjoy traveling from place to place with little one in tow? Not to worry – the Regalo Portable Playard is here to answer all of your prayers. This playard is very easy to carry around, folding into itself when it isn’t being used.

The playard comes with an elevated bottom, which means if you are setting it up at a park or somewhere else with uneven ground then your child will still have a comfortable area to sit.

The panels consist of breathable mesh that you can actually see into, so you can watch your child play as you get along with other tasks.

The base of the fence is water resistant which means that you can keep it outside without a problem. It also has a safety locking mechanism to make sure that tiny little hands can’t take it apart when you’re away!

It can be used from children aged 6 to 24 months old, and it even comes with a 90 day limited manufacturer’s warranty. It’s also very easy to clean.

  • Easy set up
  • Ideal for use outdoors
  • Compact
  • Can’t be used by children over the age of 2

Toddleroo by North States Superyard Colorplay 8 Panel Free Standing Play Yard, Indoor or Outdoor Baby Playpen, Baby Gate. Made in USA. 6.5 feet corner to corner play pen (26' Tall, Multicolor)

Our rating:

The North States Superyard is a very versatile play fence that you can use either outdoors or indoors, which is perfect for when you want your little one to play out in the great outdoors! If you want to carry it around it’s also compact, folding down easily for traveling and coming with a carrying strap to make it that much easier for you. 

The fence comes with panels that have non slip pads on the bottom, and this helps to ensure that the playard stays where you need it to be. This also helps to make sure that the fence doesn’t damage your floors. Even better?

The fence consists of either vibrantly colored panels that look like a rainbow! For extra safety, the fences also have a self locking safety option. 

It’s a breeze to put the panels together, they simply just snap together as needed. You can shape the fence to the size that you need in order to suit the needs of your child. In addition to this, you can use the unit both outdoors and indoors as the materials are totally weather resistant. 

  • Expandable
  • Compact
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
  • The fence doesn’t come with a gate, you are going to have to step over the panels

Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal Superyard 6 Panel Play Yard, Baby Gate, Playpen or Extra Wide Baby Fence, 151' Wide. Wall Mount Kit Included. 10 sq ft play yard (30' tall, Taupe)

Our rating:

The North States Toddleroo 3 in 1 Metal Superyard is the ultimate choice for versatility. This is a playpen, baby gate and safety barrier built into one so there are endless possibilities with this option. You can use it as a little play area for your child, or you can use it to block off dangerous areas in the home like the fireplace.

The fence comes with a hardware kit that means you can extend the fence up to 12 feet in total. This means that you have no need to worry about whether it will fit in bigger than average rooms.

If that isn’t enough space for you, there is also a two panel extension that you can buy separately. It’s even possible to attach the fene to angled walls, and it’s very secure.

The fence can be used for children between the ages of 6 to 24 months. Not only this but it’s also anti scratch so there’s no need to worry about ruining your floors or tiles with it.

  • One hand opening mechanism
  • Can be shortened and extended as per your requirements
  • Wide
  • Some users have said it’s tricky to set up

Best Baby Play Fence – Buyers Guide

What is a Baby Fence and Why Do You Need One?

To put it simply, a baby fence is a barrier that is designed to protect your baby in a specific space, or from a certain thing. It can work in two different ways. First of all, there are some fences that are made to be used like a little enclosure, and these will ensure that the baby or toddler is kept in one certain area.

There are also other options that are made to stop your baby from getting into one area from another area. A baby gate comes under this category. Of course, you can buy baby fences in a range of different styles to suit your specific requirements.

Baby fences have a number of different benefits. Primarily, they help to make sure that your child is safe from any situations that could possibly be dangerous to them. It also gives any other children, such as older children who are aware of any dangerous, the freedom to be able to go where they want to while you are still keeping the baby safe.

Baby fences will also allow you to be able to leave your baby alone for a short period of time when you do things such as going to the bathroom or cooking. When you are cooking, you will also be able to keep your child safe from any potential harm.

Things to Consider

So you’ve decided to buy your baby play fence, but you aren’t quite sure where to start in narrowing down what option will be the best for you. No need to worry – here are a couple of things that you should keep in mind!


You will find that most baby fences are made out of one of three main materials: plastic, metal or wood. Wood is a great choice because fences made out of this material are sturdy. They are also designed for children and because of that you won’t need to worry about any splinters in the wood.

The biggest downside of wooden fences is that they can get discolored from a child’s messy hands fairly quickly, so if aesthetics are important to you then you may need to stay clear from wood.

You can also choose a plastic fence. These fences usually weigh fairly little, making them perfect for travelling. They are also very simple to clean. The issue is that these kinds of fences aren’t great for heavier children.

The last option is a metal baby fence. These are a best of both worlds – easy to clean like plastic and sturdy like wood. Unfortunately it’s not ideal for babies that love to chew everything in sight, because metal can be quite hard on the teeth.


Baby play fences, like a lot of baby gear out there, can be pretty expensive! You could be spending hundreds of dollars on a fence if you aren’t careful.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure that you make a decision based solely on your key requirements if you are on a budget, otherwise it can be easy to buy things that you simply don’t need. Weigh up the price in comparison to all of the features on offer in order to make a well informed decision.


When it comes to baby play fences, there are two main things that you need to think about. Firstly, you will need to think about the height, and secondly, you will have to think about how large you want the play area to be.

The height of the fence is largely going to depend on the age and developmental stage of your child. A good rule of thumb is around 22 inches tall.

You should really be looking at a gate that is roughly a minimum of three fourths of your child’s height. For longevity, you should also try to leave a couple of extra inches for when they get taller.

As far as play area space goes, think about the amount of children that you are planning on putting inside of it. Think about whether you need a door too, because not every fence is going to come with one.


When buying a baby fence, take heed of where you intend to use it. A baby gate that’s going to work well indoors may not be a good choice for outdoor use.

Fences that are designed for indoor use may not be rugged enough for outdoor use, but ones that are designed to be used outdoors may be a better option in this regard.


There are a range of different kinds of baby play fences on the market. This could be a play yard, play pen, or just an actual fence.

If you get an actual fence it acts like the kind of thing that you may put in a doorway, so it’s a little bit like a gate that is able to keep your baby in a certain room and away from anything unsafe.

A play yard, on the other hand, is generally a metal structure that you can use like a baby gate or a play pen. You could choose to make the fence encircle your baby or you could put them in front of the stairs or wherever else you need them to go.

The metal structure means that you will be able to use them outdoors and indoors.

Playoens are usually quite vibrantly colored and they are made out of plastic. They generally come with toys or other things that your baby is able to interact with. Versatile playpens are useable in the outdoors too.

Of course, narrowing down which type of fence will be best for you will also help you to make your decision on which product to buy.


Above all else, your baby play fence needs to be safe. It is important that the playpen or fence doesn’t come with any parts that may hurt your baby’s hands. You will also need to ensure that your baby is not able to fit their head in between the slats.

You should also make sure that the fence has been certified as baby safe by a U.S regulatory agency. It needs to adhere to all of the standard safety regulations.


You will find that a lot of baby play fences also come with a gate. This will allow you to go in and out of the area. If you have small babies then having a gate makes it much easier to put them into the play area.

The main problem with having a play fence with a gate is that some toddlers and slightly older children can sometimes work out how you are supposed to unlatch the gate.

This isn’t particularly safe, so you will need to make sure that you are in the room when your baby is inside of the play fence.

Assembly Process

The last thing you want when you have bought a new baby play fence is to have to spend hours trying to figure out how you assemble and use it. It’s important, then, that you go for an option that is easy to install.

With that being said, it also needs to be tricky enough to install that your little one isn’t able to take it apart all by themselves. You can usually tell what the assembly process is like for a certain play fence by checking other buyer reviews. You can usually also find assembly instructions on the manufacturer’s websites, or on videos that will show you how to assemble the fence step by step.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use a baby play fence?

A baby play fence is ideal for situations when you need to make sure that your baby stays in one particular location. It is important that you don’t just put the baby inside of the product and then walk away however.

Parent supervision is always recommended. With that being said, it is ideal to be able to use a baby play fence when you want your baby to be able to play on their own while you get on with other things around the house.

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