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Childproofing your home becomes essential as your babies get older and start to become more curious about their surroundings. Exploring new rooms and spaces seems particularly exciting, however, this can pose some risks to their safety. 

Doorknob covers come in particularly handy in preventing your child from being able to open doors alone, eliminating the risk of them getting their fingers caught in the process, or wandering into different rooms unattended.

Of course, you want to select the child proof door knob covers that are going to be compatible with your home. We have done the hard work for you, browsing the market for our top picks of the best product available.

If you would benefit from some further help with making your purchase, below we have included a handy buyers guide that is packed with some useful advice to help you select the best product for your needs.

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If you are in a hurry, with a curious and wandering child on your hands, and don’t have the time to continue reading, we have selected our top pick for you below.

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Jool Baby Door Knob Covers (4 Pack) Child Safety Cover - Child Proof Doors
  • Deter children from opening doors or getting locked in a room with a door knob cover.
  • Compatible with standard spherical doorknobs. Fits more door knobs than any competing product.
  • Our door knob safety cover features a subdued, unobtrusive design that blends into your room design.
  • Manufacturers lifetime warranty covering defects.

Best Childproof Doorknob Covers – Comparison Table

Best Childproof Doorknob Covers – Reviews

Our Pick

Jool Baby Door Knob Covers (4 Pack) Child Safety Cover - Child Proof Doors

Our rating:

An affordable way of childproofing your home is investing in this four-pack of doorknob covers by Jool baby products. Compatible with the majority of doorknobs, this is a budget-friendly way of childproofing multiple doors in your home. 

With a sleek but discrete white design, these door knobs are going to fit effortlessly into your home without being unobtrusive in any way.

While remaining difficult for children to enter rooms unattended, they are a practical and hassle-free solution that are likely to be favored amongst many parents as they still provide them with easy access into these rooms. 

Installing these doorknobs is a straightforward process simply requiring you to secure the cover around the doorknob before ensuring that it clicks into place creating a childproof home.

  • This is an affordable way of childproofing your home, coming in a value four-pack.
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty there is help available should you happen to experience any issues with your purchase.
  • Installation is a simple process, the doorknobs simply need to be clicked into place.
  • Opening the door remains a simple task for adults but these covers ensure that there isn’t any risk of your child being able to open the door.
  • They aren’t going to be an obtrusive addition to your home and are likely to blend in particularly well.
  • Unfortunately, these door knobs are rather difficult to remove and are prone to breaking in the task of attempting to do so.

EUDEMON 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Covers Door Knob Locks

Our rating:

An eco-friendly and affordable solution to prevent your children from making their way out of rooms unattended is these EUDEMON 4 Pack baby safety door knob covers. Designed using TPR material they are compatible with a range of doorknobs including drawer knob handles.

Due to the increased friction that this material creates between the cover and the doorknob they are an ideal deterrent against your children making their way into other rooms alone. 

As they have passed mechanical and physical properties tests these are safe door knob covers that remain easy for you to open to access different rooms when necessary. Additionally, these covers are easy to install without the need to use any tools to do so.

Simply separate both sections of the cover before locking it into place surrounding the doorknob. Taking the covers off can simply be done so using a screwdriver.

Courtesy of the specialized design, the button press allows you to go in and out of rooms when needed, however, there isn’t a risk of your children following suit and making their way into the room behind you.

You can be assured that even those who like to wander aren’t going to make their way out of any rooms alone.

  • Courtesy of the neutral design, they are going to blend into your home easily without standing out.
  • An affordable option that is ideal for parents who are on a budget.
  • As well as being easy to install these doorknob covers are also easy to remove simply requiring the use of a screwdriver.
  • The push section makes it easier for parents to open and close doors that are fitted with these covers.
  • Thanks to their sturdy design, they are likely to last a decent amount of time without getting damaged or breaking.
  • Although they are intended to prevent children from accessing rooms unattended, they may be difficult for some adults to open due to their solid design.

Safety 1st Parent Grip Door Knob Covers, White, One Size (Pack of 3)

Our rating:

If you are looking for a super affordable multiple pack of sturdy doorknob covers look no further than the Safety 1st Parent Grip 3 pack Door knob covers.

Their new designs mean that they are now compatible with most standard doors and they are easy for parents to use but difficult for little hands to be able to grip and open. 

White in color, these door knobs are going to blend in easily with your home decor, and courtesy of their improved construction they are stronger covers which are going to remain securely on the door without any risks of them snapping. 

As these doorknob covers have been designed with a wide base, they are going to be easy to fit onto a range of doorknobs and can be done so by simply attaching the two halves of the cover together so that they lock in a secure position around the door.

  • Retailing within a very affordable price range and coming in a pack of three, this is an ideal choice for parents on a budget.
  • Impressively, these covers accommodate a range of different sized doorknobs.
  • Courtesy of their solid design, this is a robust pack of covers that aren’t going to become easily damaged, even when used frequently.
  • They do not come off the doorknobs easily meaning that they do their job of containing your child within one room very well.
  • These doorknob covers are easy to install for a hassle-free user experience.
  • While they do their job at stopping your children from getting into rooms unattended, they can be a little difficult to remove from the doors.

Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids, Child Proof Door Knob Covers, Baby Safety Door knob Handle Cover Lockable Design (4 Pack)

Our rating:

This four-pack of doorknob safety covers are intended to keep your children safe reassuring you that they aren’t going to be able to open doors and get out of rooms without an adult presence.

Impressively, due to their bigger design, they fit a wider range of doorknobs in comparison to other products on the market.

Designed with safety in mind, they are constructed using polypropylene which has odorless, non-toxic, and non-polluting qualities so they don’t pose any risk to your children should they manage to get their hands on them. 

Assembling these covers is an easy process without the need for any tools. Courtesy of their snap design, you simply need to separate the covers before installing it around the doorknob before locking it into place.

This will ensure that it is easy for parents to get through but difficult for children to open.

Impressively, these doorknobs have been designed to fit in easily with your room decor allowing you to make your home childproof without them looking out of place.

  • Larger than the majority of competitor products available, the BETERTEK door knob safety covers offer a practical option for larger sized doorknobs.
  • They have been designed to blend effortlessly into your home.
  • As a four-pack of covers, they retail at an affordable price and are great value for money.
  • Their material construction ensures that they aren’t going to be harmful to your children.
  • They are solid and sturdy which ensures that they aren’t going to break easily.
  • Due to their bigger design, they aren’t a suitable choice for standard sized doorknobs.

Munchkin 2 Count Door Knob Cover , White

Our rating:

Ergonomically designed, the Munchkin 2 Count Door Knob covers prevent your child from opening and closing doors alone while ensuring that it remains easy for parents to do so. 

 With a sculptural design, these are great quality door knob covers that conform to a secure fit following installation ensuring that they aren’t going to be easily removed by your children.

Aside from being compatible to use with most standard doorknobs, they can also be used with table and counter doorknobs. 

The tapered edges and foam construction provide additional protection and they have also been designed with large holes in specific areas which makes it easier for the parents to open the door to enter and leave a room, but difficult for young children who may attempt to do the same. 

They are easy to install as you simply need to separate both of the sections before locking them into place around the doorknobs, for them to be released both buttons on the cover will need to be pressed at once, however, this isn’t going to be easy for children to do themselves so you don’t have to worry about they leaving and entering rooms without the presence of an adult.

  • Courtesy of their sculpted design, these covers are going to remain securely in place.
  • The broad tabs that lock the cover together around the doorknob need to be pressed at the same time to be released which is going to be particularly difficult for children to do alone.
  • Thanks to their neutral design, they are going to blend into the majority of rooms with ease.
  • These covers spin and are slightly loose which is going to make it difficult for babies and children to get a stable grip.
  • Impressively, these covers are easy to install and don’t require the use of any tools.
  • While they work well at preventing children from opening the doors, some adults may find it difficult to open the doors when these covers are installed too.

Best Childproof Doorknob Covers – Buyers Guide

Childproof doorknob covers are a handy addition to many homes, providing parents with reassurance in knowing where their children are at all times.

Before purchasing your child proof door knob covers, there is a range of factors to consider as this will help you to select the best ones for your needs and your home. 


Of course, it is paramount to ensure that you select the doorknob covers that are compatible with the style of your doorknobs in your home, otherwise you could find yourself making a wasted purchase. Some doorknob covers will be suitable for larger sized doorknobs than others and so it is necessary to select the correct fit for your door for them to have the desired effect.

Those that fit too tightly on the door are likely to make it easier for your child to gain a more secure grip and possibly open the door. Not only childproof doorknob covers available are going to be suited to every style of the doorknob in different people’s homes. 

Fixing the doorknob covers

Although you want the doorknob covers to childproof your home you don’t want them to be adult proof resulting in difficulties fitting them onto the door.

Preferably, the style of doorknob covers that you choose should be easy for you to put on the door but difficult for your child to remove as this defeats the purpose.

The majority come in two sections which then need to be snapped together to lock into place. Some may be more difficult to assemble than others, however, it is unlikely that you are going to require the use of any tools in the process of installing the covers. 

Removing the doorknob covers

Of course, it isn’t likely that these doorknob covers are going to remain on the doors forever and as your children grow up they are likely to need removing at some point.

Preferably, your doorknob covers should be just as easy to remove as they were to fix although this depends on the brand and the design of the knobs of course. 

You are likely to find that some will be more difficult to remove than others, however, this issue tends to be solved by using a screwdriver to prise the two sections apart for easier removal. 

The Cost

For many parents, childproof doorknobs covers are just one aspect of ensuring that their home is childproof as their babies get older. For this reason, it isn’t always doable to purchase the most expensive option available.

It is beneficial to look for cost-effective solutions such as multipacks as you are getting more for your money without having to invest in these doorknob covers individually. There are many affordable options, with most being sold in multipacks meaning that you have plenty on hand to ensure that the doors throughout your home are safe and childproof.  

The quality

When purchasing your childproof doorknob covers you don’t want to receive them only to find that they are flimsily designed and break as soon as you attempt to put them on the door.

Of course, these doorknob covers need to be rigid and robust but they should be flexible in some ways too as this will make them much easier to install onto the doors without any risks of them snapping or becoming damaged during the process. 

The Design

Although the main purpose of childproof door knobs is to prevent your children from entering and leaving rooms alone, ideally you still want them to be pleasing in appearance without being an unobtrusive addition to your home.

You will find that most doorknob covers conform to a sleek design and are available in natural color choices so they are going to blend in and aren’t going to stand out against the theme and decor inside your home. 

The Materials 

Many door knob covers will be made using eco-friendly materials, so you know that your purchase isn’t having any harmful effects on the environment. Additionally, some will be made using odorless and non-toxic materials that offer reassurance to parents in the safety of these products. They aren’t going to harm your child should they happen to come into contact with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a doorknob cover work?

As your babies begin to find their feet, it can be hard to know where they are at all times. A door knob cover essentially works by preventing your baby or toddler from being able to open doors and leave rooms unattended.

They are installed around a doorknob and tend to be a little loose which makes it difficult for children to grip the handle and open the door themselves. They are ideal for installing on doors so that you know where your little ones are at all times.

Are childproof doorknob covers difficult to remove?

Some childproof doorknob covers will be more difficult to remove than others hence why using a screwdriver can come in handy when separating the two sections.

Of course, when they are installed onto the door you want them to serve their purpose in preventing your child from being able to open the doors and leaving the room alone. Depending on the quality of the doorknob covers, some children may find certain ones easy to remove which defeats the purpose of installing them.

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