Best Baby Proofing Products

The entire world is new through the eyes of a baby. Imagine seeing a toothbrush again for the first time, with spiky yet soft bristles and a squiggly handle.

What seems so mundane and ordinary to us is extraordinary to a young child, and we think that is something to marvel at in itself. 

We should encourage our children to be curious and explore their surroundings, but sometimes some things need to be hidden for safety’s sake.

Little hands should not be able to reach cleaning fluids and small choking hazards, and sticky fingers need to be kept away from electrical sockets.

To help prevent any incidents from occurring around your house, baby proofing is an essential task that you need to complete ideally before your baby can start sneaking away on their own.

If it’s not feasible to keep an eye on your little one for every second of the day, you need to invest in some baby proofing products. 

There are so many options on the market available to you, so how do you decide what product is best for you? Because there are so many hazards around the average house, we’ve found a range of products that are all the best options for their desired purpose. 

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If you don’t have enough time to read our entire article right away but still want to ensure that your house is safe for your baby, we would suggest choosing the Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs for the best baby proofing product.

The majority of outlet incidents happen to children under six years old, so they’re very important for your baby’s safety. 

Some other reasons why we like these Outlet Plugs so much are:

  • The pack comes with plenty of plugs to cover your whole house. 
  • They’re incredibly necessary when it comes to safety. 
  • The plugs are translucent so you can barely see them.

In a hurry? This is our winner!

Our rating:

Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs,White 36 Count
  • SIMPLE DESIGN TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD from accidents and prevent electrocution! The Mommy's Helper outlet plug covers give you the peace of mind needed when child proofing your home.
  • 36 COUNT VALUE PACK allows you to quickly and easily cover the outlets in your home
  • EASY INSTALLATION: just insert the outlet cover into the unused outlet and you're set!
  • With a near flush finish, even the most curious toddler won't be able to pry these out
  • SAFE: your child's safety is our prioroty. Our outlet plugs are both durable and non-toxic.

Best Baby Proofing Products – Comparison Table

Best Baby Proofing Products – Reviews

Our Pick

Mommy's Helper Outlet Plugs,White 36 Count

Our rating:

Starting our list off is the Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs. All of the baby proofing products on our list are very important to implement into your home, but outlet plugs are of the utmost importance.

89% of all injuries caused by electrical outlets are to children under 6 years old, so if you’re only purchasing one baby proofing product, make sure it’s outlet covers.

These outlet covers are made of viscose and are very easy to install – simply plug them right into the outlet and you’re done!

They fit like a glove and are secure enough for your child not to be able to remove them without you knowing. 

They are translucent and therefore will blend into the majority of outlets perfectly, so you won’t have any large, distracting plugs messing up your room. You get 36 outlet plugs, which is more than enough for the average house. 

  • Vital baby proofing products.
  • Translucent and therefore will hardly be seen.
  • You get enough plugs to fill every outlet in your entire house.
  • Some users found that they were too difficult to remove.
  • Toddlers might be able to learn how to remove them.

Roving Cove Edge Corner Protector Baby Proofing (Large 15ft Edge 4 Corners), Hefty-Fit Heavy-Duty, Soft NBR Rubber Foam, Furniture Fireplace Safety Bumper Guard, 3M Adhesive, Oyster White (Off White)

Our rating:

This rubber foam tape is to be used all around the home to prevent any sharp edges from becoming hazards to exploring children.

Simply cut strips of the foam to size and adhere it onto the corners of your tables, desks, and fireplaces so that no one can run into them and hurt themselves. 

The foam is very dense and shock-absorbing, making it all the safer for children who tend to run before looking where they’re going.

The foam is so dense that it is measured at a Shore A 20-N density, whereas the industry average is only 13. The added density cushions the impact and prevents the tears from flowing.

You should find the Edge Protector to be very easy to use with an adhesive backing that is as simple to use as double-sided tape. Choose between 15 and 18 feet rolls of the foam, depending on how much you’re expecting to have to cover. 

  • Easy to use – simply cut to size and remove the backing to stick.
  • The density prevents any incidents from occurring.
  • Choose between three colors to blend into your furniture.
  • One child bit the foam off the furniture.
  • The adhesive might harm wooden tables and desks.

Eco Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks for Babies - Magnetic Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks, Child Locks for Cabinets Drawers Doors for Back to School - Easy Installation No Tools Required (12 Pack and 2 Keys)

Our rating:

These locks are great because you don’t need to attach them with drills – they use adhesive to stick onto your cupboards and drawers.

Once you’ve attached the lock onto the door, the latch is magnetic and works up to 2 inches away, which is impressive and too strong for small children to get into. 

You can turn the locks on and off with a switch, which is a great benefit so that you’re not struggling with opening the cupboards yourself.

Install the locks within minutes and enjoy their longevity until your child is old enough to be trusted with opening cupboards by themselves. 

Eco-Baby offers a money-back guarantee for one month after your purchase. This protects your money in case you’re not satisfied with the product for the beginning of your experience.

These locks come with everything that you need for installation, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing anything else. 

  • Strong magnetic locks to keep children out of cupboards and drawers.
  • The on/off switch makes the locks easy to use for parents.
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the locks.
  • You might need additional adhesive.
  • The instructions are not the easiest to read.

Corner Protector for Baby, Protectors Guards - Furniture Corner Guard & Edge Safety Bumpers - Baby Proof Bumper & Cushion to Cover Sharp Furniture & Table Edges - Clear and Transparent - (12 Pack)

Our rating:

Next up is a corner protector that can be used on the edges of furniture to remove the hazard of sharp edges.

Much like the Roving Cove Edge Protectors that we mentioned above, these protectors can give you peace of mind that no one is going to get hurt thanks to the furniture. 

However, these Corner Protectors only cover the corners so that you don’t have to cover the entire edge of your tables.

This is both cost-effective and less evasive to your interior design. The protectors are transparent to prevent them from becoming too obvious in your room as well. 

The soft material is ideal for protecting your baby from the corners of your furniture because they will feel a slight impact rather than a brute force from the corner. They take less than one minute to install and you can choose between packs of 12, 18, and 24.

  • Protect your children from sharp corners of all furniture.
  • They only cover the corners to avoid modifying the look of the furniture.
  • Choose how many you want to purchase.
  • They’re quite small.
  • The adhesive might not be strong enough.

Child Safety Strap Locks (10 Pack) Baby Locks for Cabinets and Drawers, Toilet, Fridge & More. 3M Adhesive Pads. Easy Installation, No Drilling Required, White/Gray

Our rating:

Last but not least, the Wappa Child Safety Locks are very easy to use and attach to appliances, refrigerators, cabinets and drawers, and even toilets.

Babies splashing around in toilet water happens more than you might think, so baby proofing the toilet is often necessary. 

The adhesive is super strong to ensure that your child cannot pull it off of the furniture, making them more reliable and putting your mind at ease that you don’t have to follow your child around all day. 

Each lock is high-quality and easy for the parents to use, so don’t worry about being locked out of your toilet or refrigerator forevermore! You get 10 locks in each pack, making this product great value for money. 

  • Very versatile and can be used in lots of different ways.
  • Strong adhesive.
  • High-quality and good value for money.
  • Smart toddlers might be able to crack the code.
  • Visible from the outside of the furniture.

Best Baby Proofing Products – Buyers Guide

That concludes the best baby proofing products that are available for you on the market.

Although we’ve listed them above and tried to cover as many hazards found in the home as possible, there are always other baby proofing products that are used for a different purpose to the ones that we’ve detailed above. 

Because we cannot list every single baby proofing product in our list above, we’ve included this buyers guide to help you to successfully choose the best products for you.

Basic knowledge of the product that you’re looking for is the best way to ensure that you get a high-quality product. 


This is a no brainer. Your baby proofing products need to be as safe as possible to ensure that no injuries are contracted from hazards around the house.

Alternatively, you might not want to allow access to certain areas of your house because they include smaller choking hazards. 

If the baby proofing product that you purchase isn’t safe, then what’s the point of using it in the first place? You can never be too careful when looking for safety features, so we’d advise you to take some extra time and care while looking into these.

You can also consult the customer reviews to see if anyone else has had an issue with their product faltering or not. 

If someone has had an issue with the safety of the product, it could either be an isolated case or a pattern, so use your judgment to determine whether you want to take the risk or not. 

Type of Baby Proofing Products

There are a lot of hazards around the house for your child to get their hands on, so it should come as no surprise that there are lots of different types of products that you can get.

We have listed the five most important products, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t countless more! 


Locking the cupboards and draws, toilet seat, refrigerator door, and anything else that you might want to keep off-limits can be achieved thanks to the widely available safety locks.

These are relatively easy for adults to open, but too difficult for your child to master. 


Covers can be used to guard fingers against being shocked thanks to electrical sockets, and you can also get doorknob covers to avoid your child from getting their hands stuck in small locks.

Doorknob covers can also be used to remove the sharp edge of a handle so that your baby doesn’t run right into it and hurt themselves. 


Similarly to doorknob covers, guards can be placed on any sharp object to remove the hazard.

For example, you can place them over table corners so that if your child happens to run into the corner, they’ll be significantly less hurt than if they were to run into a sharp corner. 


Gates are larger baby proofing products that can cover doorways and windows so that your child cannot access anything beyond the gate.

These gates are temporary so that you don’t have to commit to a permanent half-wall gate across your stairs. 


Finally, anchors keep the furniture from being movable by your child. A small child is unlikely to be able to move heavy objects such as desks or couches, so these anchors are more often used for valuables such as televisions and computers.

Your baby won’t be able to tip it over and you’ll save yourself a hefty bill from replacements.


Of course, if you’re purchasing baby proofing products for your house, you’re going to want them to work properly and reliably.

Choosing a product that isn’t going to work properly will not only waste your time and money, but it can also leave your child in an unsafe environment. 

As we’re purchasing the baby proofing products to make the house safer, getting something that is counterintuitive can be upsetting and annoying.

To avoid this, we’d advise you to check the customer reviews to ensure that no other parents have had an issue with the reliability of the product. 

Warranties and Guarantees

Following on from the previous point, if you purchase something that turns out to be unreliable, you might have a chance to get your money back if the manufacturer is offering a money-back guarantee or warranty. 

More expensive products are often covered by a warranty, but smaller items don’t tend to come along with one.

However, if something doesn’t work as you’d expect it to you’re still going to want a refund, right? 

For this reason, if you’re worried about the potential reliability of the product, make sure that you’re covered by either a warranty or a guarantee.

They don’t tend to cost any more money and you’ll thank yourself in the future should you have to use it. 


You can’t put a price on your child’s safety, correct? The price of baby proofing products depends on how large and complex the product is.

For example, child locks are rather basic contraptions that should cost a lot less than a large baby gate that is made of high-quality material. 

Although you might not have the means to purchase the most expensive product on the market, we’d advise you not to automatically choose the least expensive option.

Although the least expensive product might be the best option for you, this is often not the case. 

Going for the lowest priced option just because of the saving might compromise the safety and reliability of the product.

Baby proofing products need to be safe and secure, which lower-quality products might not live up to the high standard. 

Ease of Use

Some manufacturers make their baby proofing products so high-quality that they’re hard for the parents to use!

If you don’t feel like getting stuck locked out of your refrigerator, make sure that the product is foolproof so that you don’t break it when trying to get around it. 

Finding the ideal balance between being too difficult to use that parents cannot open the drawer and too easy that the child can learn how to get around it in minutes can be difficult, so take some time to determine the ease of use of each product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for baby proofing?

Let’s face it – baby proofing is a hard task that requires a lot of time and effort. There are many hazards located around the house that you’d likely never have even thought of as dangerous before.

However, having a crawling baby can open your eyes to the dangers under your roof. 

Safety plugs can be fitted in all of your exposed outlets to ensure that your children don’t shock themselves.

Use guards to make all sharp corners of your furniture blunt and less dangerous, and lock all cupboards and drawers that your baby will be able to reach. 

You should ensure that and cords are tied up out of reach and that you don’t house any poisonous houseplants inside your home.

Window and stair gates are very helpful for preventing your child from escaping the area that they’re allowed to explore. 

Do I really need to baby proof? 

If you’re planning on watching your baby like a hawk 24/7, then you probably don’t have to baby-proof your house.

However, crawling babies are surprisingly fast when they want to be, and tend to move faster when they know that no one is looking at them. 

So, even if you’re going to take your eye off them for even a second, we’d advise you to baby proof the house for your peace of mind.

It’s fairly simple and will prevent you from having to take unexpected trips to the emergency room. 

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